Reebok x Slaying Goliath


You can’t fake history. With the millennium on the horizon, the 90s were all about progress. About evolution, new technology, ground breaking cinema, fashion that had never been seen before; A truly transformative era.

Aztrek and rapids were part of this forward-thinking generation so, to celebrate this, we’ve paid homage to the origins of these silhouette tes. Inspired by video games, the key visual and retail journey highlights this transformation. From the simple, iconic 8-bit to 16-bit through to the filly formed modern product.

90s roots is here to change the game once again. The ‘in your face’ vibrancy of the decade meets a modern stripped back ethos. Yesterday and today facing the future together.

I used my signature style to create content inspired by the Reebok Aztrek as part of the social media influencer campaign.

  • DateMarch 01, 2019

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