Designing The Underdog With Champion

Designing The Underdog With Champion

I’m the co founder of Suketchi, a branding and design company. I’ve also created an annual Instagram exhibition called ‘Run the World’, where I illustrate incredible women who inspire me, daily in August. I’m a dreamer and inspired by the world and people around me. My work is characterised by bursts of colour inspired by 90’s era. I’m not necessarily the best illustrator but I would love for my journey to serve as some sort of inspiration to anyone trying to pursue anything. Having some sort of influence on some kid from anywhere is something you can’t put a price on.

My creative process is very spontaneous and my ideas stem from things that happen around me and I feed off current events in pop culture as my reference point. I seldom sit down and “plan” on what I have to do. The purists might frown upon my approach but It has worked for me thus far.

My style is forever-evolving and not influenced by current design trends. It’s very informative and leans heavily on today’s societal issues, serving as a visual narrative on current news. It’s very quirky at times and often humorous. I want to be a beacon of self-expression and doing good through great design. The social responsibility that we all have as global citizens should never be under-estimated. So why not create cool stuff while saving the world? The current state of affairs, good and bad serve as reference points for me to create something meaningful and inspiring for the coming generations.

I have immaculately designed my career around my passion, which is content-led design & illustration.I believe in using my craft to tell stories that are authentic to me in a cool and exciting manner. By being true to myself, I have attained success and accumulated a few accolades, my highlight being chosen as one of the “Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans” list for 2015. This is why I’m an #iKasiOriginal.

This guy is my champion because of a very meaningful conversation that I had with him. He is one of my mentors, Wandile Zondo, who owns a lifestyle store called Thesis in Soweto. I was celebrating because my company had just reached its first financial milestone. One of the things he advised me on was that I should still stay focused and keep my feet on the ground. As someone who has been quite successful, he was trying to highlight that as much that was a great achievement, there was still so much more that I needed to do. It made me realise that we must always stay focused on the work and not be lost in the money.

I wrote this feature about myself as part of a Champion collab.

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